Friday, October 2, 2009

Mayor Atchison announces running mate

Unclear if Hamburglar will sit on board of police commissioners

SASKATOON- In a move unprecedented in Saskatoon civic politics, Mayor Atchison today announced he will have a running mate for the coming civic election.

“Today, I announce the addition of Mayor McCheese to my 2009 campaign ticket” Atchison proclaimed from his throne at River Landing as he officially kicked off the Atch McCheese ‘09 campaign. “I can’t think of a more symbolic character for the direction in which I want to take Saskatoon.”

McCheese, known for his iron-fisted leadership style, is largely blamed for silencing voices of dissent in McDonaldland. Notably, Birdie and The Fry Guys vanished in the mid-1980s after speaking out against McCheese’s mad rampages brought on from snorting Sweet n’ Low.

The press conference was abruptly cancelled when Atchison, wearing a purple suit and tie, was mistaken by a group of passing-by children for Grimace, the anthropomorphic McDonaldland sidekick character.