Monday, October 5, 2009

Mayor Atchison unveils plan to build pyramid at River Landing

Near-bankrupt city plans pyramid scheme to pay for pyramid scheme

SASKATOON- Mayor Atchison today announced a pyramid will be built at River Landing.

“Today I give the city a temple to myself” a jubilant Atchison proclaimed on an empty piece of riverfront land.

The architects responsible for Giants Stadium, HNTB, will design Atchison's pyramid. “I can think of 107 reasons to seek out this firm’s expertise” he gushed.

To be constructed using rubble from historical mistakes that developers have graciously bulldozed – such as the Capitol Theatre Movie Palace – Atchison eagerly added “The Pyramid will also block the view from the freeway of unnecessary downtown afflictions like the homeless and the library.”

There have already been several expressions of interest from culturally-significant anchor tenants, including Rona and Arby’s.

Atchison hinted at plans for a sphinx bearing the Mayor’s face as phase two of this project, but would not confirm whether his visage would be placed on the front or the rear of the deity.

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  1. Fantastic! River Landing is the perfect spot for a monument to Atch. And his vision.